Jason's Latest Projects

The Audition (2021)

With only one opportunity to make a good first impression, Tyler Biggs gives it his all for the chance of a big break.

2shot 2sDay (2021)

Every week my buddy Barry Nixon and I get together virtually, have a few shots of whiskey and answer life's most thought provoking questions.

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I had the opportunity to join the cast of a fun short film where I got to play a wonderful sort of slimeball who relishes life as a money flaunting big shot. His no-strings-attached-ever attitude towards love has been working out perfectly for him. But now he's fallen for his best friend and business partner's 23 year old daughter and things get complicated.

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Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 12.14.41 PM.pn

I SHALL (2018)

I love a great genre-bending comedy. "I Shall" is a send up of the whole "Eat. Pray. Love." genre of film. I play a helpful hiker who meets our hero in the woods where she's embarking on a journey of self awakening and discovery. As I help her lighten the load in her backpack I find a number of... uhm... questionable items.


I had a great time working with The Home Depot to produce five branded content videos that demonstrate how to build and care for your backyard deck. The videos were hosted on YouTube and homedepot.ca and were pushed out through paid and social media channels.

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Improv is my first love. It was an honour to be a part of The Second City system, including performing as a part of their National Touring Company. I perform on stages across Toronto as a member of two fantastic improv troupes - The Smashing Peaches and Darth Vader Ginsburg.


BTK: A Killer Among Us (2019)

I played an FBI Agent in this retelling of the chilling real-life story of the BTK serial killer.  The film was shot over several days in Hamilton, Ontario and aired on the Investigation Discovery channel in the United States and Canada.

Bait (2020)

This is a fun short film I created for the 2020 Isolation Short Film Festival.

It was written, animated and voiced all in isolation. The film was a fun outlet during a time when the industry had ground to a halt. 

Bait_Title Card.PNG

A Man of Great Importance / Space Zombies (2016)

This fun series of YouTube videos celebrates an all new DVD release of Space Zombies: 13 Months of Brain Spinning Mayhem that I participated in almost 15 years ago. It was great to reprise the know-it-all Man of Great Importance character for this thirteen part digital series. 

Zombie Night (2003)

Okay, I'm cheating here. This one is pretty old! I just had to include it. Zombie Night was my first ever feature film and I looked very post-90s-plaid-tough. Spoiler Alert! My character dies...but the zombies didn't get me. A rogue survivor-turned-evil-who-got-his-hands-on-a-gun did. You gotta keep an eye on those rogue survivors!

Branded Content

I've appeared in a number of branded content spots for TV, online digital, social media, in-store and internal video for a number of great brands over the years including Boston Pizza, Canadian Tire, Etsy, Budweiser, Subaru and more.